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Pacific Wildwood. Trees that have been chopped by man, blown over by wind or thorn apart by storm. They lounge on Canada’s Pacific coast but now journey once again to dream on a different continent. Their silver coloured skin is stunning in beauty and simplicity. It wasn’t easy to wake them from their stoney bed but it remains our determined goal to find them suitable resting places in the homes, gardens and buildings of the Netherlands.

Be inspired and keep in touch.

Michel Doyer

Artikel in het parool over Pacificwildwood

Bedankt voor jullie bezoek aan de website! De meeste van jullie zijn hier via het artikel in het Parool gekomen, maar voor degene die het nog niet gelezen hebben klik op foto of deze link voor Pdf:  parool artikel


Welcome to the pacific shore, a place of giants and dreams. A place that is humble and majestic. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the region and feel inspired – as we have been. It is a land where trees meet water and time. We’d like to share our adventure and hope you will visit this website again and perhaps, one day, travel there. The tranquility of the region has long been a beacon for artisans but it is the wood that is the true poet. May this site be a worthy stage from which it can be heard.

Michel Doyer