Michel Doyer is a Dutch designer and furniture maker. He has achieved notoriety for his awarded contemporary Dekast shelving system. Years of custom designing for clients has shown Michel what people want in their homes and like many artists was inspired by the shear beauty of driftwood.

His journey to Sointula Island in Vancouver began through friendship with a fellow artist he’d known on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. They’d spent many hours sharing their passion for woods and interior design. When his friend (Peter Said) moved to Vancouver the abundance of Wildwoods on it’s shores provided the opportunity to share their passion once more – albeit on somewhat colder shores.

Artisans working with organic materials isn’t new, but increasingly people have a need to incorporate nature and the eclectic with the clean lines that flow through their interiors. Michel has seen this time and again. He knows it is the elements of nature in his work that brings the broadest smile to the faces of his clients.